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Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Sta. Rita Hills

Although these wines are no longer available, you may find a bottle on a wine list or even in your cellar!

Zotovich Vineyard, Sta. Rita HillsChardonnay, Zotovich Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, 2011

A classic Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay, full of both richness and lilting acidity. A reminder of coconut pie with graham cracker crust came to mind with a first sniff, and a sip astonished with a yin-yang of texture. Palate enveloping, then bright and crisp acidity. Crisp Granny Smith apples, Crenshaw melon and hints of tangerine lead to baked apples and a spicy cornucopia of vanilla, cinnamon and toasted walnuts on the pleasant and lingering finish.



Zotovich Vineyard, Sta. Rita HillsChardonnay, Zotovich Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, 2010

Truly a yin-yang of textures and flavors. The light golden hue glints in the (burgundy shaped) glass predicts a wine with structure and body. A swirl releases a bouquet of quince and apple blossom mingling with butterscotch and river rock. On the palate, both viscous and tangy textures bring notes of lime zest, clementine and just ripe apricots. Toasty nuances and spicy reminders of chamomile and cardamom mingle with stony minerality and linger on the finish.




Huber Vineyard Bud BreakChardonnay, Huber Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, 2009

In the glass, a pale gold color with chartreuse highlights glints and shines with a beautiful clarity that speaks to the pure essence of the chardonnay grape itself. A swirl produces a bouquet of semi-tropical notes; vanilla bean, kaffir leaves and hints of guava. The glycerin like “legs” of the wine foretell of the intensity of the wine, and a sip brings a reminder of Sweet-Tarts to the palate. A yin and yang of bright citrusy acids and soft round honeysuckle mingle with tropical key lime and just ripe pineapple, all interwoven with the stony minerality characteristic of the Huber Vineyard.



Huber Vineyard Bud BreakChardonnay, Huber Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, 2007

This Chardonnay speaks with a voice indicative of the vineyard and vintage. A steely, light gold color foretells of the minerality so typical of the appellation. A swirl produces notes of subtle vanilla and tropical nuances of papaya and key lime flowers. On the palate, a plush yet tangy texture envelops tastes of cherimoya, lime and an austere, stony minerality. Additional years of bottle age have integrated the French oak and the fruit flavors beautifully.





Sta. Rita Hills vineyardPinot Noir, “Jump Up”, Sta. Rita Hills, 2011

Visually, a very pretty, approachable wine with superb clarity and a deep, garnet color. Swirl, and swirl again – 2011 Jump Up needs and likes some aeration! With some coaxing, brambly, blueberry and blackberry aromas start to waft from the glass. A first sip delivers cola, blackcurrant and dark fruit notes. There’s a hint of violet, soy and almost a dried meat/summer salumi note. Could that subtle briny note be from the nearby Pacific? Tannins are soft, hibiscus tea-like and the finish brings back the blueberry component. A lot of longevity in this wine – it hangs on for at least a day once opened.


Sta. Rita Hills vineyardPinot Noir, “Jump Up”, Sta. Rita Hills, 2010

Crimson with jewel-like garnet highlights, the wine broods a bit in the glass and demands a good swirl. Dark fruit notes of blueberry and blackberry mingle with dried black cherry and rhubarb. Earthy tobacco leaf, a hint of mint and pepper spice interlaces with the fruit notes. Good structure, integrated tannins and acidity.


Rancho la Vina VineyardPinot Noir, Rancho la Viña, Sta. Rita Hills, 2010

A swirl surprises a bit with a heady pinot-esque nose of high-toned red fruit aromas of raspberry and very ripe plum mingling with floral nuances of rose petal and rocky earth. Just when you expected a burst of red berry on the palate, a taste reveals darker flavors of blackberry and cherry-cola, along with cherry pie and starfruit-like spice. Tannins, fruit and oak profile and acidity are nicely in balance, and the wine is pleasurable at release.






Sta. Rita Hills vineyardPinot Noir, “Jump Up”, Sta. Rita Hills, 2009

A very pretty and approachable wine. Vivid garnet color, with ruby highlights. On the nose, cherry, spice and cinnamon aromas leap from the glass in a “pinot noir bouquet”. A first sip brings more red berries, pomegranate and a hint of tropicalness (guava?) to the palate, delivered on a plush and silky texture. Spice notes of pepper and vanilla bean complete the package. The wine is beautifully structured and balanced with bright acidity, soft tannin and lively layers of flavors.





Hibbets Ranch VineyardPinot Noir, Hibbits Ranch Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, 2008

The wine is visually beautiful – garnet in color and a gorgeous clarity. On the nose, smoky nuances mingle with black cherry, currant and cola aromas. The silky texture of the wine delivers flavors of cherry cobbler and rhubarb along with a bright acid structure. After some time in the glass and with good swirling, the wine begins to blossom and open, bringing more cran-cherry fruit, dried blueberry and earthy notes. The wine lingers on the palate with fine-grained tannin, black-cherry cola and refreshing, mouthwatering acids. A great food wine – definitely.






Huber Vineyard Bud BreakPinot Noir, Huber Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills, 2007

This is a serious wine from an extraordinary vintage and a long-established vineyard. Dark garnet, slightly brooding at first opening, a swirl releases aromas of black cherry and earthy forest/pencil box notes. This is a structured wine, with the lively acidity found in the appellation and Chinese tea-like tannins on the palate. Dried blueberry and garden herb spice round out the flavor profile, which lingers with a mineral-laden finish so characteristic of the Huber Vineyard and the soils of Sta. Rita Hills.